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Kamis, 12 Januari 2012

Teks Review dalam inggris ( Review in English)

A review is a piece of writing that critiques or critically analyzes artwork for public audience. For example, a book, film/move, play/drama, opera, exhibition, concert, ballet or song. A review offers a reasoned opinion about the artwork’s qualities to the readers.

Communicative purpose
To critique, analyze and evaluate artwork and also to make the reviewer’s point of view know.

Example of review text
Move review, concert review, exhibition review

The texts organization of a review text  
A review comprises orientation, interpretative recount, evaluation and evaluative summation.

This part provides a brief outline of the subject matter or the background information in terms of describing the artwork. Orientation states the points, which are to be analyzed and evaluated at the following paragraphs. Sometimes the artwork is also compared to the other artwork. The reviewer however, needs to use the same points of support for both things. For instance, in two movies, the reviewer uses two point of comparison, excitement and theme.

Interpretative recount
This part summarizes the contents or plots the artwork, for example a brief description characters, the approach and the scope of work.

This part analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of the subject matter (from the reviewer’s opinion and judgment).

Evaluative summation
This part provides the reviewer’s final judgment. This part normally contains phrases and metaphorical expressions.

Grammatical features related to review texts      
*      Action verbs
*      Adjectives
*      Connector to do whit time and sequence
*      Pronouns
*      Punctuation
*      Present tense
*      Adverb
*      Compounds and complex sentences
*      Metaphorical expressions.

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