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Kamis, 12 Januari 2012

Teks Analytical Exposition dalam inggris ( Analytical Exposition in English)

Analytical Exposition
An important part of analytical exposition is the analysis of the text or issue. In n this type of text, the writer tries to convince the readers to agree with writer’s point of view.

Example Analytical Exposition
Newspaper editorials, database, speeches.

The text organization of an Analytical Exposition
An Analytical Exposition consists of three main part: Thesis, Argument and Reiteration.

Introduces topic and indicates writer’s position. The writer also outline the main argument to be presented.

Shows a series of argument that support the thesis

In the stage, the writer restates his/her point of view.

Grammatical features related to Analytical Exposition
·         Simple past tense
·         Passive voice
·         Verbs and verbs phrases
·         Connectors
·         Evaluative Expressions
Sumber: Creative English Workbook, Erlangga

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