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Kamis, 12 Januari 2012

Teks Discussion dalam inggris ( Discussion in English)

A discussion is a piece of writing that explores both side of an issue. In discussion text the writer tries to present the pros and cons the advantages of an issue to allow the readers to reach a logical conclusion. The writer shout always try give an impersonal and balanced view.

Communicative purpose
To present arguments/opinions from different point of view.

Example of discussion texts
A discussion text consists of four parts: issue, argument for, arguments against and conclusion/recommendation.

 This part introduces the topic and previews the argument that rest o paragraphs expand upon

Argument for
 “Arguments for” positive arguments or in agreement with issue. Each stage of the argument consists of point and elaboration. A point is made and the elaborated. In other words, the writer discusses each point, then gives a detailed information or evidence to support it.

Arguments against
“arguments against” is negative argument or in disagreement whit the issue. Each stage of the argument also consists of a point and elaboration. In other words, the writer discusses each point, then gives a detailed information or evidence support it.

Conclusion or recommendation
The closing is a brief summing – up of the issue explored or the writer’s own opinion.

The grammatical features related to discussion texts
v Relating verbs
v Thinking verbs
v General nouns
v Abstract nouns
v Conjunction
v Modality
v Adverbial manner

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